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Do Volunteering and Get the Victory


Previously, Sports Yukikaki has consisted of three competitions:

Volunteer yukikaki, Snow moving race and Snowman contest. In 2019, we will abolish the snow moving race and the snowman contest so that the volunteer yukikaki itself will be a competition which can directly make a contribution to society. The quality and quantity of snow shoveling performance will be graded and visualized in several ways.

We look forward to your participation.


World Sports Yukikaki Championship

Date & Time:
〇World Sports Yukikaki Championship
 ▶  Sunday Feb.17, 2019

〇Candle Night(Participation in the event is voluntary)

 ▶  On the same day   17:00-20:00

 Candles on the snow objet d’art will light up the street.


 Otaru Hokuryo Junior High School (5-1, Shimizu-cho, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido)

 The reception desk opens at 9:00.


 Ishiyawa-cho district, Otaru-shi

Maximum number of participants:
 150 persons
  (2-6 per team, 25 teams)
 *on a first-come-first-served basis.
Entry Fees:
 2,000 Yen per person includes lunch,accident insurance and taxi transfer
 (-500 Yen, without taxi transfer ) 
〇Student (College, High school and Junior high school student)
 1,000 Yen per person includes lunch and accident insurance
 (+500 Yen, if taxi transfer is needed) 
 *Ankake Yakisoba (Fried noodles with starchy sauce) and Pork Miso Soup will be served for lunch. 
 *Lodging: See the list below for hotels, inns and guest houses registered as Spoyuki Athlete Village. 
 *After- party fee is 2,500 yen. (14:30-16:30) 
  If you wish to join the party, please make a payment in advance. 

 The championship flag, a trophy and a winner certificate  will be awarded to the  champion and assorted Otaru seafood products will be given as an extra prize.  (Championship flag to keep for one year and return next year)  Certificate and prizes will also be awarded to top teams. 
 *Assorted Otaru seafood products: presented by Nishikiya Saito. 
 *Book token worth 10,000 yen will be awarded to top teams of Junior high school and High school division. 
How to register:
  1. Bring members (2-6 persons) and form a team. 
  2. Email with some basic information. What we need is your team name and the names/nationalities/gender/ages of all your team members. 
  3. Your participation will be confirmed by email.
  4. The payment must be made at the reception desk of the venue on the competition day.  (We only accept cash.) 
​①General Division (not applicable to 2 & 3)
②High School Student Division (all team members must be high school students)
③Junior High School Student Division (all team members must be junior high school students)
 *Female team, Male team, Mixed team or whatever is welcome. 
 *Due to the nature of the event, elementary school students are not allowed to participate  in the competition. 
【Organizer】Japan Sports Yukikaki  Association 【Managing Organization】World Sports Yukikaki Championship Planning Committee 【Granting Partner】TAIYO Foundation 【Supporting Organizations】Hokkaido Bureau of Ministry of Land,Infrastructure,Transport and Tourism / Hokkaido Government Shiribeshi General Subprefectural Bureau / Otaru city / Otaru Board of Education / Otaru Chamber of Commerce & Industry / Otaru Tourism Association 

About Sports Yukikaki

(reading required before patichipation) 


Contact us

Contact us by using the following form 

Japan Sports Yukikaki Association

Kitanihon Advertising Inc.


ATTN: Hiroyuki Matsushiro


Kyowa Inaho Building 5F, 2-11-23 Inaho, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido



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