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About Sports Yukikaki

Sports Yukikaki can invigorate local communities!

  • World Sports Yukikaki Championship was launched in 2013, with a passion to resolve snow removal issues due to aging population. This year, we encourage junior and senior high school students, who will lead the next generation, to join Sports Yukikaki and experience the intergenerational exchange, as well as letting them know the present situation of their community. Our aim is to sow the seeds of collaboration to revive local communities.


  • Furthermore,  Sports Yukikaki turns the hard-work snow shoveling into a fun sport. Our college student staff who are interested in community building, are working hard to make Sports Yukikaki better and enjoyable for all the participants. Every year, we have various participants: international students, Assistant  Language Teachers, tourists from inside and outside Japan, local residents and so on. They come  together to experience the joy of teamwork in the snow. We hope Sports Yulkikaki enables to expand the circle of friendship and revitalize local communities.




Japan Sports Yukikaki Association 

Kitanihon Advertising Inc. 

ATTN: Hiroyuki Matsushiro 

Kyowa Inaho Building 5F, 2-11-23 Inaho, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido 

Phone: 0134337155  FAX: 0134337156   


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