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Game rules


Sports Yukikaki is a competition in which rules are developed for snow shoveling itself, and is carried out for the purpose of improving the living environment of local elderly people in snowy regions during winter season.



In principle, competition site should be on pathways and lanes where local residents come and go everyday, and also on sidewalks along wider roadways. Players shall shovel the snow to widen the width of pathways, lanes and sidewalks.



The time limit is 20 minutes. Finishing early is also acceptable within the time limit.



Teams shall consist of 2-6 members.



The equipment to be used during the competition is shovels and snow carts. Participants can also bring their own shovels and snow carts. (No limit in number)



Lane assignments will be determined by drawing lots. Players compete for points by shoveling the snow on the assigned lane.

Points= [(A)Yukikaki Efficiency}x10+{(B) Calorie Expenditure]−{(C)Deduction Item]


 (A) How to calculate the value of Yukikaki Efficiency

  • Yukikaki Efficiency is the volume of the snow shoveled by a person per second. However, distance will be measured in metric units and snowfall amount and width will be measured in units of 10 centimeters.

  • The volume of the lane that a team removed the snow…①  = The distance of the lane(m) x the snowfall amount (cm) x the width of the widened lane or sidewalk (cm).
  • The number of team members (person)…②

  • The total time taken to shovel snow (second)…③

  • Yukikaki Efficiency = ①÷②÷③


 (B) Calorie Expenditure

  • Activity Monitor worn by the representative of the team measures the Total Calorie Expenditure during the competition. If you finish ahead of time, then the recorded value must be converted into 20 minutes.


 (C) Deduction Item

  • As our goal is to make local residents’ living conditions better, teams with untidy performance may be warned by judges to continue working. If the team does not follow the judge’s warning, 50 points will be deducted.

Players must treat the equipment carefully. Especially, the act of breaking hard snow pile forcibly with plastic shovels, and the act of hanging one’s foot on snow carts to squeeze in the snow, are strictly forbidden. If the player does not follow the judge’s warning, the player will not be able to continue playing.


Sports Yukikaki adopts local rules to match the traits of the residential area where Sports Yukikaki Championship is held, so the local rules may be amended by Japan Sports Yukikaki Association in each championship.

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