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About Sports Yukikaki

We,Japan Sports Yukikaki Association, continue to propose Sports Yukikaki as a new model for solving various issues in regions of heavy snowfall. 


Our aim and vision Ⅰ Solving snow removal issues through the power of sports


  • In the city of Otaru, an increasing number of people face difficulty removing snow as the society ages. Without assistance in snow removal, snow easily becomes a problem interfering with their daily lives. Moreover, we have many snow-related accidents such as falling from a roof during removal operation or being buried under a snowslide from a roof. These are becoming serious social issues.  

  • In order to raise awareness about such a situation, and to increase the number of people who help with snow removal, we came up with Sports Yukikaki. Sports Yukikaki introduced some rules to simple but heavy labor of snow removal to transform it into a sport so that anyone can enjoy.  


Ⅱ Upside Down thinking helps us create Sports Yukikaki. Our aim is to spread Sports Yukikaki and develop it into experiential tour program. 


  • Although snow is a big bother for Otaru citizens, it attracts visitors from all over the world.   We believe that bringing Sports Yukikaki  into an enjoyable experiential tour program may be breakthrough  on tourism as well. 

  • We will be grateful if our effort, which contributes to expanding exchange population, can spread into other heavy snowfall regions with the same worries, as a model of Community Revitalization born in Otaru.  




Japan Sports Yukikaki Association 

Kitanihon Advertising Inc. 

ATTN: Hiroyuki Matsushiro 

Kyowa Inaho Building 5F, 2-11-23 Inaho, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido 

Phone: 0134337155  FAX: 0134337156   


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