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6th World Sports Yukikaki Championship in Otaru 2019 



See the map below for the lanes.  The distance of each lane is shown on the map. From 12A to 16B are for Junior High School Students as a general rule.



The mark ➖ on Lane1 to Lane11 means “measurement point-of-origin.” The mark x means “measurement end point.”

And also, x means the place to put the snow when players widen the paths. The mark ➖and x will be marked with color spray paint.



As for Lanes 12A to 16B, the mark ➖to ➖express the distance of the lane. Snow must be thrown to the Snow Removal Road (marked with white dots)


The snow put on the mark x must be moved to the Snow Removal Road after finishing the competition. (by all participants and Sports Yukikaki staff)

Please wait for a while until the information is updated.


The snowfall amount on each lane is measured on the day before, which will be used to calculate Yukikaki Efficiency.



See the picture below for “How to measure the road width.” The road width is measured at three random points on each lane. The average value will be used for calculation. However, those random points will be undisclosed.



This local rules may change due to weather and snow conditions.

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