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5th World Sporst yukikaki Championship

Time schedule  



Registration (Sanbanko Gallery,Otaru Canal Plaza)



Moving to Tenjin-cho



Voluntary Yukikaki(Snow shoveling) Tenjin-cho


Lunch(Sanbanko Gallery,Otaru Canal Plaza)


Opening Ceremony( Otaru Marine Square)



Snow shoveling & Move trial( Otaru Marine Square) 



Snowman contest( Otaru Marine Square)


Closing Ceremony ,Results ,Award giving ceremony

(Sanbanko Gallery,Otaru Canal Plaza) 



Exchange event(Sanbanko Gallery,Otaru Canal Plaza) 


(Sanbanko Gallery,Otaru Canal Plaza) 






Case talks



Panel Discussion

◆We are going to hold Yukikaki Summit

(On behalf of Yukikaki committee,I would like to welcome you to Yukikaki Summit.)  


Although snow is rather a nuisance for local people in the snowy country, residents in  heavy snowfall areas have been racking their brains on how to overcome the snow issues. 

Where you say the single word ”snowy country”, frequency,amount and duration of snowfall may differ in various regions affected by atmospheric conditions and geographical characteristics. So I suppose each region has its own know-how in conquering snow. 


In recent years, climate change has affected how much snow falls and influenced the timing of the snow season.  Snowfall trends vary by region. For example, eastern Hokkaido ,which used to have less snow, now receives frequent heavy snowfall and an increasing number of  bomb cyclones  hit Hokkaido. This year, we had quite a lot of snow for November and even  residents in snowy country get confused by recent unpredictable snowfall.  


Various efforts and techniques  people have been practicing in other regions must be helpful for everyone in order to cope with a new snow disaster which nobody has ever experienced. We are holding the Yukikaki Summit as a place for presenting and sharing knowledge and expertise with others. 


In the Yukikaki Summit, 3 examples of snow removal challenges will be presented. 

And after that, We are going to summarize ideas,efforts, difficulties and future purpose 

 on snow issues through the panel discussion. We would  be grateful if you strengthened your knowledge throughout the summit. 

We are looking forward to your participation. 



Date:February 17th, 2018  

Start/End time:10:15〜11:30

 (10:00 Registration&Check in, enter and leave as you please)  

Venue:Sanbanko Gallery, Canal Plaza(2-1-20,Ironai,Otaru-shi) 

Entry:Free (Open to anyone) 

Call for speakers:We are still looking for speakers. (Speakers may be announced later) 

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