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5th World Sports Yukikaki Championship in OTARU 2018

 Saturday Feb. 17 2018 9:30~17:00


 Sanbanko Gallery,Otaru Canal Plaza,2-1-20,Ironai,Otaru-shi

 (Reception desk opens at 9:00a.m)

Event sites

 Otaru Marine Square Tenjin-cho, Otaru

●Participants limit
 200 people(4-8 people/team, 40 teams)
Registration fees
 2,000 yen/person(including lunch, insurance, gear rental) 
 ※Otaru local food Ankake Yakisoba(Fried noodles with starchy sauce) will be served for lunch. 

 ※Lodging: See the list below for  hotels,inns and guest houses registered as Athlete Village.

Championship flag, a trophy, winner certificate will be awarded to the champion and assorted Otaru seafood(by Nishikiya Saito) will be given as an extra prize. (Flag to keep for one year and return next year) 
Certificate and prizes will also be awarded to top teams.
●Registration method 
  1. Form a team. 
  2. Select a category to enter from the list below.
  3. Download the registration xls PDF form from our website, fill in all required fields, and submit the form by any of the following methods:  【Email】info (Click here to submit by email)  【FAX】+81-134-33-7156  Submissions are processed on a first-come-first-served basis. 
  4. Payment of the registration fee must be made by bank transfer.   Please make a payment to the bank account written in the reply mail. (The registration fee does not include the party fee.)   (A fee of 3000 yen per person should be paid for participating Get-together party.)
  5. As soon as we confirm the payment, you will receive email notifying that your   registration is completed. Please read the rules and regulations thoroughly and prepare for the competition.
 There are two big divisions by the size of snow pile.  
①Full-size division (Snow pile size 1.8mx0.9mx0.9m)
Category1-1 World Sports Yukikaki Championship
 Qualified for World Yukikaki Championship. For men and women of all ages and occupation. 
Category1-2 LG(Local Government)Sports Yukikaki Championship  
 All team members must live in the same city or town and more than half of the team must work for the regional government.  Qualified for World Sports yukikaki Championship and LG Sports Yukikaki Championship.
Category1-3 Intercollegiate・Inter-high school Sports Yukikaki Championship   All team members must belong to the same college or the same high school.           (Academic staff and school teachers can also be registered)  
 Qualified for World Sports Yukikaki Championship and Intercollegiate・Inter-high school Sports Yukikaki Championship
②Half-size division(Snow pile size 1.8mx0.9mx0.45m) 
Teams corresponding to any of the following
1. All team members must be women. 
2. All team members, the experience of living in snowy regions must be less than five years. 
3. All team members must be junior high school students. 
□Get-together party 
 Party expenses :3,000yen/person
 Sanbanko Gallery,Otaru Canal Plaza    17:30~19:30 
●Organized and operated by
 World Sports Yukikaki Championship Planning Committee 
●Hosted and approved by
 Japan Sports Yukikaki Association 

Contact us 

Contact us by using the following form 

Japan Sports Yukikaki Association

Kitanihon Advertising Inc.


ATTN: Hiroyuki Matsushiro


Kyowa Inaho Building 5F, 2-11-23 Inaho, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido


Phone: 0134337155  FAX: 0134337156



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